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Writing & Translation

· Write documentation, manuals, training and other writing for technical projects
· Translate a documents, manuals, training and other writing for technical projects from one language to another
· Create HTML/web content such as product reviews, forum posts, comments
· Write articles for sites, blogs
· Create memes

Sales & Marketing

· Optimize websites for search engine ranking
· Optimize or create social media marketing campaigns
· Optimize digital advertising campaigns with Google/Yandex/Bing and other search engines
· Design and implement business, marketing and strategic plans for a company
· Manage outward communication with external parties like magazines, news agencies and blogs
· Creating and optimize email marketing campaigns
· Post ads to Craigslist, OLX and other websites


· Develop apps for Apple iPhone/iPad/Watch, Android, and other mobile devices
· Develop apps for personal computers (PCs), typically on Windows or Mac platforms
· Develop web applications that are accessible through a browser like Chrome, Firefox or IE
· Develop web applications for storefronts. Typically requires expertise in shopping cart integration and frameworks like Magento, Spree, Ecwid and other
· Quality assurance and testing of software projects. Typically involves use case verification or performance analysis
· Project management of web or software development projects
· Front end web development which typically requires knowledges of CSS, HTML and Javascript

Design & Creative Services

· Animations for cartoons, games, business infographics, etc
· Audio editing, content creation like background music and sound effects, conversion to digital format like books to audiobooks/podcasts
· Create or refine digital designs of websites, mobile or software applications. Typically requires skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other products
· Create artwork and imagery for games, books, and other media
· Create logos for companies or organizations. Typically requires skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustration, InDesign or other graphic design products
· Create or refine presentation slides, typically in MS Powerpoint or Apple Keynote
· Visual design for traditional media like magazine ads, postcards, wedding invitations, etc.
· Create, convert, and edit videos for personal and professional events
· Narration and translation for audio and video
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